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Feb. 19th, 2017 01:57 pm
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Title: Siren Song
Author: maaldas   Alpha/Beta reader:  jonjokeat
Characters:  Sam, Dean, Ocs
Genre/pairing: A bit of Angst, a dash of Disney, mainly just Spn twist or Sam/Dean codependence if you will
Rating: Gen
Word Count: around 8k
Warnings: Other than half naked Dean, none
Summary:  It was as if the lake had swallowed his brother whole and spat out the Disney channel. Though the creature he had sighted through his binoculars was nowhere near as innocent as Disney suggested, but it was Dean. In a one quick movement, Dean grabbed Sam’s hands and pulled him down into the water. One second Sam was admiring Dean’s fang-like teeth and the next he was drowned. Did his brother try to kill him?


Comments are love :)
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Title: The Torturer's Bind
Pairing: gen
Author: [ profile] toratio
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 1,400
Summary: The social and psychological preconditions to torture
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of / references to torture

This is a character study about the preconditions of torture, because I was studying this recently and it made me think of why Dean broke in Hell. Set between seasons 3 and 4.

This is a rather depressing fic, and doesn't really feature any comfort, but it does feature a whole lot of hurt Dean.

At my journal
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Holy crap, it's been a long time since I posted here (I think my last post was a catatonic!Dean fic for one of the memes roughly two years ago. Geez). Health issues have derailed my life and I stopped writing; been trying to get back into it, since I'm bedridden most of the time now and in need of comfort. *End of sob story*

Anyways, this is just a testing-the-waters, short, gen fic featuring a very drunk Dean, a protective Sam and a, well, Castiel-like Cas.

Summary: Gen, post-hell, so around late season four, minus the demon blood arc. Dean has been back a while, but that doesn't mean hell doesn't catch up with him sometimes. Sam and Cas deal as best they can.

Warnings: Language, alcohol abuse, angst; short, non-graphic reference to past torture.

Disclaimer: Supernatural, its characters, plot lines etc. belong to their awesome creators. I am only suggesting fun new ways in which those beloved characters could suffer even more.

Cas finds himself going stone still as Dean blinks hazily up at his brother, eyes bloodshot and unfocused.
"I c- - I can't do, do th- this anymore. Lemme go. I'm done, Sammy. O - - okay? Imma go, because, because - - "
Sam's own breath stutters as he waits. The room is silent, a distant siren the only interruption as the man in the bed struggles to find the words that elude him in coherence. Some things Dean can never say sober.

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Title:Shattered Pieces
Summary:Sam and Dean Winchester are picked up by a travelling circus while they are very young. The circus is a very dangerous place for two young boys and Dean must give up a part of himself in order to protect his brother.  Timed 3 months after Broken - Sam is struck with a mysterious illness. Dean has to ask the Master for help, which comes at a steeper price than Dean could ever know.
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:Graphic depictions of violence,rape/non-con underage,sexual slave, gangbang, angst, brother feels, hurt Dean, hurt Sam
Fandom:Supernatural (AU)
Series: Part 5 of the The Boy in the Mirror (AO3 here) series
Author's Notes: A BIG THANK YOU TO [ profile] siennavie for art, [ profile] vyperdd and [ profile] wind_storms for beta and suggestions<3
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Title: Shadows and Dust
Author: [ profile] zara_zee
Artist: [ profile] dizzojay
Genre: Action, Hurt/Comfort. Written for 2015 [ profile] spn_reversebang
Pairings: Gen
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 24,000
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing in the sand box. Written for fun, not profit
Warnings: Violence, blood and gore, nudity, gladiatorial fight scenes, kidnapping, imprisonment, physical punishment, whipping, minor character deaths, hurt!Sam, hurt!Dean, major Dean!whump, non-explicit references to torture and rape in Hell

When Dean disappears after a hunt in Montana, Sam will stop at nothing to find him. As he tears up the Mid-west looking for answers, Sam learns that it’s not only hunters who are disappearing; monsters are being kidnapped too.

Meanwhile, Dean awakes to find himself locked in a cell. Being held captive sucks, but he knows his brother will come for him soon. Until that happens, all he has to do is kill monsters in an arena. In front of an audience. Wearing sandals and a leather skirt.

It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

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Artist: [ profile] thruterryseyes
Story: Lost to Madness
Genre: major hurt/comfort
Warnings: includes torture, no slash
Characters: Sam,Dean, a bartender, several crazy people and a glowing pink heart.

Hey ya'll. This is not a shameless attempt to get you to read a story I already posted on here a while back. It's a shameless attempt to post something new to go with the story. I'm creating new covers to go with a bunch of my stories that either don't have one or needed a better one and the one for this one always sucked. Anywho, here it is. The new cover for Lost to Madness. Read if you haven't and want to or don't read if you have, as you please. Either way, enjoy the art. Click the picture to see it bigger.
Mods do with as you will

If you want to read the story it's at this link.

Madness copy
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Title: For Every Sacrifice
Rating: PG for...hell, I guess?
Word Count: ~575
Characters: Dean, Alastair, gen.
Summary: Written for the hoodie_time prompt: Dean's first time on the job as torturer, if you please. I think maybe just as he's about ready to get to work he realizes that he's still being tortured himself - just his heart, soul, and everything that makes him Dean instead of his hell worn flesh. Obviously, he cuts anyway. I bet it's always that first cut that he remembers later in bad dreams.

At my journal here

Hope it satisfies!
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Title: Revenge of the Jedi Part 1/3 (complete)
Author: [ profile] borgmama1of5
Summary: "No, Dean, I wouldn't. Same circumstances, I wouldn't."
Wordcount: 3000 part 1, 14,600 total
Genre/pairings: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: through 9.13, Warning )
Beta: [ profile] sandymg
Disclaimer: Not mine...but desperately wish they were!

Revenge of the Jedi, Part 2
Revenge of the Jedi, Part 3
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Title: Tell it Like it Is
Words: 684
Warning: major character death (implied, canonical); disturbing imagery; creepiness; implied powers!Sam

Summary: Blank-verse poem-thing about Dean as a kind of Charon-esque ferryman in Hell, Sam being probably up to no good and planning to raze Hell or something, and the poor dude on Dean's boat is getting more than he bargained for.

Author's Note: I don't know about this at all, except that I feel kind of strongly about it now. An experiment, weirdly cathartic.

Hell will lick your bones clean and
give you
clarity, like cancer of the soul.

Dean will tell you
like it is.
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Title: A Scorpion In the Fire
Author: [ profile] reapertownusa
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Charlie, Kevin, Crowley
Genre/pairing: Gen
Rating: R
Word-count: 26,350
Spoilers: Through early Season 9
Warnings: Torture, non-con themes and references
Summary: Dean relives his memories of Hell when he's captured by a group of angels who aren't only seeking revenge against him, but are using the live video feed of his torture to try to force Sam to hand over Castiel. Sam, Castiel, Charlie and Kevin fight the clock, and Dean's own self-destructive tendencies, to rescue Dean and put him back together.

A Scorpion In the Fire
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Title: Primal Scream
Author: bluehairdontcare
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel
Genre/pairing: Angst, H/C, (No slash)
Rating: NC-17
Word-count: 18,000
Warnings: Possible t/w - depression, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse

Summary: How broken are you Dean? After returning from hell and then torturing/being beaten by Alastair, Dean is struggling to cope and it's effecting his relationship with Sam. But his evasiveness will end up putting him in the line of fire when an old friend comes to them with a case involving psychologically vulnerable victims being sent mad with their worst nightmares and traumas - Dean becomes the next victim and finds himself being pushed right to his limit while Sam is left to solve the case alone and to find a way to rekindle his relationship with his brother enough to be able to help him.
Set after On the head of a pin, S4 :)
Disclaimer:Supernatural does not belong to me but original characters do ;)
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Title: Before Lucifer Crashed the Party
Author: Anne Higgins
Fandom: Supernatural – The Avengers 2012 fusion
Pairings: All very non-explicit, non-specific Dean/OFCs and Dean/OMCs, implied eventual Dean/Cas
Rating: PG
Warnings: Notes in narrative form, so all tell and no show! Begs a sequel, but probably won't be one. Please read the notes!
Spoilers/Disclaimer: Draws heavily on modified concepts/some dialog of all the pre-The Avengers movies: Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger. I own none of it.
Word Count: 18,924

Summary: A lot happened before Lucifer tried to conquer Earth and the Avengers formed. Gabriel was responsible for most of it. Draws heavily on modified concepts/some dialog of all the pre-The Avengers movies: Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger. Please read the notes!

Supernaturals Assemble - link to AO3
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Title: Alone
Rating: T
Summary: "It's over, I promise." It hurt to hear that voice because it was nothing but a hallucination. He had been alone for too long to believe it was real, that his brother was there. Light, warmth, his brother...they were nothing but cruel dreams to him now.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Supernatural.
My first post to a community! And what an awesome community this is!

Dark. Everything was dark, black. No light, no sun.

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Title: daily grind - 1/1
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Rating: R
Word count: ~1,100
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: Noncon-type imagery, body horror, soulfisting and general unhappiness
Summary: AU of 'Meet the New Boss' in which Godstiel keeps a very unwilling Dean around in order to provide power boosts via soulfisting.

Even in the shadows of the cell, Cas' face is distorted, skin stretched thin across jaws too wide for his skull.
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Autumn is imminent in the northern hemisphere! Which means Halloween is imminent! Sort of… In any case, here are a collection of six dark/horror recs to tide you over until the S9 premiere on 8 October, and the hopefully spooky times to follow. Three of these deal with Purgatory, two with Hell, and the first with… many different horrors. ;)

All of these fanworks were chosen for their distinct sense of style, uncompromising attention to the details and emotions that perpetuate horror, and their incisiveness as regards Dean and those around him:

01. Title: a consummation devoutly to be wished [the el to be jazz remix]
Author: [ profile] losttheirbones
Tags: alcoholism, fire, jail/prison, substance abuse (alcohol), supernatural powers, hallucinations, sexual abuse (non-con)
Characters: Dean, Sam, Kubrick, Castiel, Gordon, Ben, Lisa, Crowley, John, Mary, Victor, Rufus.
Genre/pairing: Dean/Sam. Dean/Kubrick. Dean/Castiel.
Rating: NC-17
Word-count: 9,894
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: rape. murder. abuse of haiku.
Summary: stop. breathe. hold back the fire. your name is dean winchester. you are alone in the world. breathe. clutch the bottle tighter. the only company you have is the hallucination of your dead brother. the fire is coming -- STOP.
Reccer’s comments: I adore the macabre twist to a canon that is already, arguably, fairly macabre and twisted. The haiku were a touch of brilliance, too--my favorite was the one with the line about mangoes (confused as to why there are mangoes? read on!). Beautifully and uncompromisingly written--I love the tone that's evoked here, and carried through to the very last line.

02. Title: it had to be you
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Tags: blood, hell/post-hell issues, torture
Characters: Alastair, Dean
Genre/pairing: Alastair/Dean, horror
Type/medium: digital
Rating: NSFW for graphic gore
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: gore/guro, blood, body horror, violence, torture, disturbing imagery, evisceration, discordant slow dancing, guts
Description: The first time Alastair saw Dean Winchester on his rack, he was already drenched with blood and sweat, and the smell of singed flesh hung around him. Dean sneered at him, the gesture pointless, brave, cocky, beautiful through his busted lip and bloody teeth. As Alastair strolled toward him, he realized he’d been humming something under his breath since he'd first walked in. Some of the bravado went out of Dean's sneer at hearing it, and Alastair’s smile widened. For nobody else gave me a thrill, he sang, and with all your faults, I love you still, he sang, and he shoved his narrow hand deep into Dean’s mouth and cracked the hinges of Dean’s jaw, obliterating his lovely mouth.

It had to be you, he crooned, and just like that, it was their song.
Reccer’s comments: The colors are perfect--I love the cool tones Alistair's shirt adds to the warmer shades of the rest. And all that intestinal detail! I feel odd saying that, haha, but it's true.

03. Title: Dean/Purgatory Teaser
Vidder: [ profile] volta1228
Tags: purgatory/post-purgatory issues
Characters: Dean
Genre/pairing: gen, horror
Type/medium: video/digital imaging
Rating: NSFW for graphic goe
Spoilers: Nothing past the end of 7x23, really.
Warnings: N/A
Description: Because Purgatory Dean is one BAMF... Mock teaser for Supernatural's Dean/Purgatory storyline in season 8.
Reccer’s comments: This is such a treat. I really like how this vid works with typography. And the additional animation in the middle segment is just sublime. I adore how this vid folds minute visual/aural references back to earlier seasons even it's constructed around Purgatory.

3 more fics behind the cut - hell/post hell issues, anesthesia awareness, purgatory/post-purgatory issues, soul injury, torture, torturer!Dean )

Don't see you favorite? Tell us all about it! Reccing is 100% open to all comm members, so let us know what you're in love with these days. The more, the merrier! :D
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Title: Cataclysm
Rating: R
Words: ~2000
Characters: Benny, Dean
Content notes: Purgatory fic, themes of torture and PTSD. Benny's having a hard time just looking the other way from what Dean does.

Link: Dreamwidth | AO3
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Title: "And When the Darkness Comes, We Smile"
Author: [ profile] earzwideopen
Rating: R
Warnings: Surgery-related nightmare fuel (for real), semi-graphic Hell memories, strong language, author potentially going overboard with her usage of gallows humor
Pairing/Genre: Gen
Characters: Dean, lil' bit of Sam, lil' bit of Alistair
Word Count: ~1500
Spoilers: General stuff through the beginning of Season 4
Summary: Written fashionably late for [ profile] crowley_gal's prompt on the comment meme here: Dean has anesthesia awareness while under the knife. It's about as fun as you'd expect.
Notes: A disclaimer for my lack of doctorly knowledge, and also for having a weird brain, can be found by clicking the link below. ;)

Read it at my LJ!
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Title: Tiger by the Tail
Author: [ profile] judith_88_g
Rating: R (language and violence)
Genre: Gen
Characters: Dean, Sam, OMC
Spoilers: Up to 8x10
Word Count: 9,100
Disclaimer: Not mine, Santa's that mean.
Summary: Set after 8x10. The boys are back on the road together. Sam’s quiet and Dean proves he’s capable of making some stupendously stupid decisions.

Consciousness was drifting back to him in lazy swells.
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Fic title: Becomes A Monster
Author name: [ profile] runedgirl
Artist name: [ profile] tdorian
Pairing: Dean/Sam, with past Dean/Benny
Rating: NC17
Word count: 35,800
Warnings: violence

Summary: Sam's “normal” life dissolves when his brother mysteriously returns from the dead. But when Dean came back, Benny the vampire wasn’t the only thing that came back with him. Now Sam is in a race against time to save his brother. This is one race that Sam refuses to lose.

title 2 photo title2_zps40fbff76.jpg

Master post: Becomes A Monster


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