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Title: Sightseeing

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 8,350

Warnings: Permanent injury - blindness (Dean), bad language.

Author’s note: As soon as I finished 'Every Day' I knew I wouldn't be able to leave these boys alone. I'm a complete sucker for a curtain fic and a soppy Christmas story so I figured I'd combine the two.

Summary: After the events of 'Every Day is Exactly the Same' the Winchesters are determined to make their first Christmas as civilians special for each other. Fortunately Charlie is on hand to stop it from being a complete disaster...

Posted on LJ here and at AO3 here

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Title: Merry Frickin' Christmas
Author: Puff_Piece
Characters: Dean, Sam
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: The Winchesters have some rather unconventional Christmas gifts for each other this year.

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Title: Heaven Talks, But Not to Me
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sw0rdy
Pairing: Sam/Dean (eventually)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,638
Summary: Dean says yes to Michael and together they avert the apocalypse. Now he and Sam have got the opportunity to lead normal lives, but Dean’s reluctant to let Michael go...
Author's Note: Majestic_duxk wanted brotherly angels and I'm sorry that this may only loosely address your prompts, hon, but if it's any consolation, this hardened gen writer wrote Wincest for you! :) I also must say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful, wonderful beta [livejournal.com profile] thruterryseyes, who never batted an eyelid when, barely a day ago I emailed her going 'arghhhh, can you look over this for me please? BTW, it's got to be posted by Christmas!' Not only did she wave her magic wand over it, she also did art. Seriously, hon, you're awesome. Anyway, all that's left for me to say (since it's after midnight here in the UK) is MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

Heaven Talks, But Not to Me

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Title: Sand Between Our Toes
Author: frozen_delight
Characters: Dean, Sam (can be read as gen or pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Show-level angst and weirdness, plus some not entirely superfluous references to Spanish classics.
Spoilers: Up to and including 10x18 “Book of the Damned".
Word count: ~ 1700
Summary: Sam and Dean, at the beach.

Read on: LJ | AO3 | FF.net
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Title: Our Troubles Will Be Miles Away
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sw0rdy
Rating: PG-13
Genre:Gen, canon AU. H/C (traumatised, PTSD!Dean).
Characters: Dean, Sam, OFCs.
Spoilers:Nothing specific, but set post-season 7 after Dean returns from Purgatory.
Warnings: Bad language.
Word Count: 8,657
Author's Notes: Unbetaed, because I do everything at the last minute and I really wanted this posted before Christmas Day (with three hours to spare!). This story is a gift to my friends list, particularly [livejournal.com profile] thruterryseyes and [livejournal.com profile] siennavie who have made my experiences in fandom this year particularly awesome. It’s also for [livejournal.com profile] justmep2, who has been just lovely and for [livejournal.com profile] becc_j who is still patiently waiting for my Reverse Bang Story and I'm massively excited to be working with. I hope you’ll all enjoy this shamelessly feel-good festive tale. Title taken from ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ because, you know, someone with a pretty nice voice covered it recently. ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Summary:“Everyone deserves a little kindness, Dean.” Outsider POV. Sam has sprung Dean from Purgatory, but the experience has changed his brother forever. Retired from hunting and in the throes of a breakdown, Dean finds himself miles from home with no recollection of how he came to be there and, more importantly, how to get back. Cue a kind soul and a little Christmas spirit.

Our Troubles Will Be Miles Away

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Title: The Silent Stars Go By
Author: San Antonio Rose ([livejournal.com profile] ramblin_rosie)
Characters: Dean, Sam, Ben, Lisa, Henry, Bobby, Cas
Pairing: Dean/Lisa
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~8,300
Notes: Merry Christmas-in-July and a very happy early birthday to [livejournal.com profile] jennytork, whose fault it is forever and always! Part of my Deaf!Dean AU; if you're new to the series and don't want to start from the beginning, the main things to know are that Dean's been deaf since Stull; Sam came back whole; and the hunt for Purgatory's been called off.

Summary: Dean's retired. You hear that, universe? RE-TI-RED. Can you keep the long-lost grandfathers and Knights of Hell out of his living room, huh? Is that too much to ask?! (Oh, who is he kidding, the universe is as deaf as he is....)

( Oh, the weather outside is frightful.... )
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Title: Theophany: Thanksgiving
Author: faege
Genre/pairing: Gen
Word Count: 8,300
Rating: PG
Notes: The second installment of a trio of fics which will make up the sequel to Epiphany (a post-Season 5 semi-domestic fic). This one is centered around Thanksgiving.
Summary: Dean is ready to start hunting again, starting with whatever it is that's been mysteriously leaving feathers everywhere. It'd be easier if he wasn't distracted by real life--and a recurring dream of Sam.

One | Two | AO3
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Title: Theophany: Halloween
Author: faege
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre/pairing: Gen
Word Count: ~7,500
Rating: PG
Notes: The first installment of a trio of fics which will make up the sequel to Epiphany (a post-Season 5 semi-domestic fic). This one is centered around Halloween.
Summary: In January, Dean had reached the end of his rope. Sam was gone, along with any contact with Heaven or its angels, and Dean was left to live a life he hadn't asked for, in a small town, alone. By October, all of that has changed.

One | Two | AO3
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Title: Midnight Clear
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: gaelicspirit
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby - GEN
Disclaimer: They're not mine. More's the pity.

Summary: Season 3, written prior to the airing of A Very Supernatural Christmas. So, basically, it's a prior Christmas AU. When Dean and Sam encounter a coma-inducing witch it could be the answer to Sam's prayers...or the death of his brother this lonely yuletide season. Just who or what is Boz, and can she fix the unfixable?

Author's Note: This was written in December of 2007 and posted on fanfic.net December of 2008. See this post for more details and a holiday greeting/explanation of nostalgia.

Happy Holidays!

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Title You Better Watch Out (Ch. 16/25 in my holiday ficlet collection)
Author [livejournal.com profile] earzwideopen
Genre/Pairing Gen
Characters Dean, Sam, Bobby
Rating PG-13
Warnings Spoilers(?) and sadness regarding a pre-S1 character death
Word-Count 1683
Summary "It's Christmas and Dean, hurt and high on painkillers, decides Bobby is Santa Claus." Sadly, Dean asks Santa for a gift that is far, far outside of Bobby's reach. Hurt!High!Dean, Caring!Sam, Santa!Bobby
Notes Written for [livejournal.com profile] purple_carpets's prompt at the wish list party! :D

(Title link above goes to my journal; here it is on AO3 as well!)
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Title: All of the Lights (Posted on my LJ as chapter 12 of my SPN holiday ficlet collection)
Author: earzwideopen
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Rating: PG-13 (with one or two f-bombs)
Pairing: Gen
Word-Count: 2,590
Warnings: None, except for a little "hunter language"
Summary: A concussed Dean tries to push through a Christmastime case. Sam is there to catch him when he falls – quite literally. With hurt!wobbly!Dean and caring!Sam a'plenty!
Note: This chapter is a fill for the lovely and inspiring spitsparks, who prompted this truly quality plotbunny over at the Dean-centric h/c wish list party. I hope it's everything you wanted! :)

Title link above goes to the fic on my journal; here it is on AO3 as well!
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Summary: For the absolutely marvelous [livejournal.com profile] prufrock_26 at the Wish List Party. ♥ Dean goes through withdrawal under the Christmas lights and stars, and things that were buried come up in more ways than one.
Characters/pairing: Dean, Sam, Cas. This is 99% gen, with super light Wincestiel if you choose to look at it that way, and a quick Sam/Cas moment.
Spoilers/setting: vaguely future-fic. Includes various miscellaneous spoilers for things through 8.08 (the majority of this was written before 8.09) but mostly the middle of season 4.
Warnings: vomiting and references to past non-con (poor baby...)
Wordcount: 4,250
Disclaimer: not mine, as far as I know. Also, I have never been to Denver.
Beta'ed!: by the totally awesome [livejournal.com profile] cosmo_naught, who made this fic about a million times better all while putting up with me changing things all over the place and randomly writing new scenes... THANK YOU!!! <3

When he wakes up, his heart is racing.
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Title:  Candy Canes and Cough Drops (Ch. 8 of my SPN holiday ficlet advent calendar)
Author:[livejournal.com profile] earzwideopen 
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester 
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Type/Medium: Fic 
Rating: PG-13
Word-count: ~2200
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: None, except for a little "hunter language"
Summary: The first snowfall of the year brings a case of the flu for Dean while the boys are on their way to a job. Sam improvises to help his brother feel better. Sick!Dean, Nosy!Caring!Sam – with a little holiday twist, of course. ;)
Disclaimer: Dean's not mine. I just like to put him through the ringer sometimes.

Note: Title link above goes to my journal; it's archived on AO3 as well!
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A Dean-centric Wish List/Wish Fulfillment Party!

[Click on the image to go to the event.]

Banner courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] geckoholic @ [livejournal.com profile] bl00dredskies


Welcome to our Dean-centric Wish List/Wish Fulfillment Party! Anyone who feels like it should totally fill out the wish list form provided below and comment to this post with it. Then browse others wish lists and see if there’s a wish/wishes you can grant for someone else! You are encouraged to try and fill something if you leave a wish list, but it’s not necessary. This is a low-pressure event. Let's just have some funnnn. \o/

And p.s., don’t forget to promote us/let your friends-list know about us too, so we can get as many people to play as possible! It would be very much appreciated. A lovely banner is available above. ;) You can also advertise us on tumblr.

Further explanation, guidelines, schedule, wish list form, etc. can be found beneath the cut. )

Looking to adopt a plot/art bunny? Check out the Wish List-ee masterlist, A-Z. )

ETA: This post is now closed for leaving new Wish Lists. It is still OPEN, however, (and will be indefinitely) for snagging any and all plot/art/etc. bunnies. This event is not just a holiday event; we intend it to be a place writers/artists can go for inspiration now and in the future. ;)

➽ This post was compiled by [livejournal.com profile] maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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Title: these spaces in-between
Alternate links: AO3 | DW
Characters and/or pairings: By order of appearance: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Crowley, Death/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings, kinks & contents:  H/C, prostitution, dubcon; blowjob, handjob, lap!sex. Christian undertones. Allegorical retelling of canon events.
Length: ~2.5k

Summary: Dean goes trick-or-treating for Sam's soul.

Castiel's door opens when Dean knocks.
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TITLE: We Give You Fever (when we kiss you)
AUTHOR:[livejournal.com profile] i_speak_tongue
CHAR: Dean, John, Sam
GENRE: Gen with mentions of Dean/various OFCs, Teen!Dean/Wee!Sam, H/C
WORDS: 2241
A/N: Started this yesterday for the [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_time valentine's day meme, but I didn't manage to finish it in until today. Just close your eyes and pretend. And then open them again, so you can, like, read this. Thanks to Peggy Lee for the fic title. 

SUMMARY: Sixteen-year-old Dean comes down with a mysterious fever on Valentine's Day. John takes care of him and discovers just how popular the kid is with the girls when they all start showing up at the front door. And Sam is grossed out.

( The Cottonwood Mobile Home Court in Spartanburg, South Carolina isn't the worst place John Winchester's spent a Valentine's Day. It definitely beats the Da Nang River. )

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banner © [livejournal.com profile] tressebleue

Can we have a ~LOVE POST?

Because why not? Take the theme of love however you want! In the comments to this post, post links to your favourite tumblrs or other sites, your favourite gifs, recs for fics/art you’ve loved lately, and/or write us some Dean-centric h/c comment-fic. Here are some random Valentine-y ideas from yours truly: Dean eats too much Valentine's Day candy and gets sick, oh nooo. OR there could be something involving a love spell. OR OOH WHAT ABOUT future!fic (or art!) Sam and Dean on Valentine’s Day + Dean with some sort of illness, injury, or emotional trauma. OR if you're not into Valentine's Day of course go with something entirely different!

...I may have gotten a little carried away there.

ANYTHING. This is basically an off-topic free-for-all and Dean-centric h/c does not have to play into anything in this post, in case that's unclear. The only things to remember are to warn for anything NSFW (not safe for work) or containing triggers (like self-harm, consent issues, etc.), please no spoilers for future eps, and of course to be nice. <3


➽ This post was compiled by [livejournal.com profile] maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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I've never posted here before, and man, you have some tags. o__o I did my best, but if I did something funny or wrong, please say so.

Title: Replay

Author: [info]angeltrap

Rating: R to be safe

Genre: hurt-comfort, humor, umm. I'm really bad at this.

Word count: ~4600

Warnings: Attempted non-con – again, just to be safe. It's not so much sexual as disturbing, gropey rather than rapey. Very vaguely implied past non-con (Hell). Also, language... and 'Jingle Bell Rock'.

Disclaimers: I own nothing – not even the idea, which is a comment-prompt by [info]purple-carpets for the winter-themed Dean-centered h/c comment-prompt meme.

Summary: A goddess of frenzy and mad rage targets a shopping mall two days before Christmas, and because Dean has the worst luck in the world, he manages to locate her in a sex store. Enter frenzied people all wanting Dean for Christmas!

Fake-cut: Replay

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Title: Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1400
Disclaimer: Not my boys. Kripke broke them long before I ever got to them.
Summary: John does his best to keep his promise, but that doesn't make their Christmas any better.

Written for the Winter/Holiday themed Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme on [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_time.

Mary would have made them turkey, he thinks. Or a roast. Or anything that isn't cold junk food.


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