Mar. 3rd, 2017

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Title: Picking up the Pieces
Author: MissBayliss
Genre: Sick!fic, hurt/comfort, Epic, Slightly AU

Category: Gen
Rating: T
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Cas, a few OCs
Warning: Very mild language. Descriptions of Hell. Can be considered slightly AU as Dean is not healed from his old wounds when Castiel raised him from perdition. Angst. Descriptions of panic attacks and mental health content.
Disclaimer: They're pretty, but they're not mine.

Summary: Sequel to the story 'Taking Some Time'. Sam and Dean have found a little piece of normality in their messed up world, but Dean's still healing, physically and mentally.

Chapter Nineteen:
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I've written quite a few new fics. Most of them are from prompts on Tarotgal's 2016 comment meme, some are just me :3 All of them revolve around Dean having a cold/allergies. Enjoy :)

Driver Picks the Music: )
Dean's got a cough that won't quit.
( Motels, Hunts, and Colds: )Sam and Dean are sharing a horrible cold. Also, it's Christmas.
( Allergy Season: )RPF. Jensen has allergies filming Lazarus Rising.
( Quiet.: )Sam and sick Dean hide from a rawhead. Dean tries to be quiet.
( Can't That Wait?: )Dean has a cold but the impala needs fixing.
( Five times Sam drove when Dean was sick: )As the title suggests.
( Not Bad At All: )Camping out in the backseat of the impala when you're sick isn't all that bad.
( Breathe: )Dean's having a hard time breathing through his nose... and his mouth.


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